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Alani Seltz

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Bland flavors are such a buzzkill. That’s why Alani Seltz is bringin’ seltzy back with a variety of unapologetically bold spiked seltzers – each flavored with 1% real fruit juice and natural flavors. Blended with gluten-free alcohol and a subtle, balanced bubble, the Alani Nu Party Pack holds a mix of four juicy flavors: summery Frozen Lemonade™, refreshing Hawaiian Shaved Ice™, citrusy Mimosa™, and bright Peach, Please™. Each 12oz slim can contains just 100 calories, 1g sugar, and 2 carbs per can. So you can sip back and relax carefree during any occasion – celebrations, casual hangs, and parties of one. Pop the tab and enjoy chilled or pour over ice. Please drink responsibly.


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