Zeller Schwarze Katz (Black Cat) Riesling
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Zeller Schwarze Katz (Black Cat) Riesling

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According to legend, three wine merchants came to the town of Zell (in Germany) to buy wine. In one of the cellars, they tasted several wines out of different barrels.
They had narrowed the choice to three barrels but they couldn't agree on which one was the best. They were about to take another sample, when a black cat suddenly jumped on one of the barrels, arched its back, its fur standing on end, and swiped its paw at anyone who tried to get closer. The wine merchants quickly came to an agreement and chose the barrel which was so obstinately defended by the cat, thinking that it probably contained the best wine.
The merchants marketed the wine under the name "Zeller Schwarze Katz" (black cat from Zell) and it became so popular that other wine growers and the city government eventually gave this name to its vineyard of origin, in the town of Zell.
Many German wineries sell their own Zeller Scharze Katz Riesling and most put a picture of a black cat on their label. A few even go so far as to hang a small plastic black cat around the neck of the bottle. But Moselland was the first and only winery to actually market their wine in a black, cat shaped bottle.

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